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OPM Metals is the largest American refiner of "good delivery" gold and silver, offering a wide range of services to the precious metals industry. Our state-of-the-art 168,000 square foot facility is designed to produce the highest-quality gold and silver products for commercial clients. We are proud of our Responsible Source Refinery Certification and are committed to working for continued responsible sourcing. Our Conflict-Free and Responsibly-Sourced Certifications are cornerstones of our business.

OPM Metals is a registered trade name of Ohio Precious Metals, LLC based in Jackson, Ohio. OPM is open only to the trade.

High-Grade Refining

We provide refining services to jewelers, pawnbrokers, coin dealers, secondary refiners/collectors and the banking industry. Please visit High-Grade Refining for additional information about our services.

Refining Products and Bullion

OPM Metals offers its customers high quality metal for storage and a physical position in the investment community. Please visit Refining Products and Bullion for additional information about our services.

Low-Grade Refining

Refining of a variety of materials that contain lower concentrations of precious metals to meet the ever-expanding needs of our clients in the precious metals industry. Please visit Low Grade Refining for additional information about our services.

Employment Opportunities

Download and complete the Electronic Employment Application and Release. At the bottom of the document, click SUBMIT and it will electronically be submitted to OPM Metals.

OPM Metals is an equal opportunity employer.